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DVD# Datesort ascending Name Title Category (tags)
52 Sep-07-2005 Brice Stump Growing Up in South Dorchester And Stories I have Written Folk Tales & Local History
51 Aug-03-2005 Mary Parks Harding Wingate and Bronza Parks Industry
50 Jun-01-2005 Jacque-Lynne Schulman War of 1812 - Effects on the People of Dorchester Military & Wars
49 May-04-2005 Jack Knowles Traditional Shad Fishing Techniques Fishing-Hunting & Trapping, Industry
48 Apr-11-2005 Gerry Horney Civil War Cannon Military & Wars
45 Feb-21-2005 David Owens Old & New Vienna Folk Tales & Local History
44 Feb-02-2005 John Goslee The Naticoke Shad Barges Nautical
44 Feb-02-2005 John Goslee The Naticoke Shad Barges Nautical
43 Nov-15-2004 Terry Crannell Native Am. Artifacts at DCHS Native American History
42 Nov-03-2004 Dr. Tom Flowers Dorchester Holidays of the Past Folk Tales & Local History
41 Oct-18-2004 Dr. Russell Smith Life at 902 LaGrange Avenue Folk Tales & Local History, Buildings & Sites
40 Sep-01-2004 Donald Mills & Others Making & Mending Pound Nets Fishing-Hunting & Trapping, Commerce
39 Aug-04-2004 Hal Roth History of Elliot Island Folk Tales & Local History
38 Jun-04-2004 R. Lee Burton Dorchester Canneries Industry
37 May-05-2004 Bill Spicer Timber Industry of Old Dorchester Industry, Families
35 Apr-03-2004 Earl Brannock “Chesapeake Bay Oyster Wars & Naval History” Military and Wars
36 Mar-22-2004 Mary Handley Annie Oakley Notables & Famous
34 Feb-04-2004 Deanna Marshall The Town of Woolford Folk Tales & Local History
33 Nov-05-2003 Hubert Wright Hurricane Isabel Events
32 Sep-03-2003 Eddie Dean The Joy of Collecting and Carving Arts & Crafts
31 Aug-27-2003 Frank Bittner Storm of 33 Events
30 Jun-08-2003 Chief Sewell Fitzhugh Indian Civilization of Dorchester County Native American History
29 Jun-04-2003 Ron Rue Master Decoy Carver Arts & Crafts
28 May-08-2003 Lee Newcomb A Historical Glimpse of James Island Folk Tales & Local History
27 Mar-05-2003 Anna Emily Bennett Miss Outdoors 2002 Events